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1997-1998 Member of the Year

About Marian Chao

Marian Chao is the Gateway Arch East Chapter Member of the Year. She was one of the original members of ISMTA in the chapter’s vicinity. In 1972 Marian, Frances Tonnies, and Adeline Burgoyne, who are all still members of Gateway Arch East, entered some students in “Plateaus of Progress,” and ISMTA performance evaluation held at SIUE. It was the beginning of a local chapter. Marian has taught piano for 40 years and has found the syllabus exams to be helpful in giving structure to her students’ lessons. Marian earned her Ph.D. in biology. She is State Certified, and has also studied with Ruth Slenczynska. Marian has most recently served her local chapter as membership chairperson.

(Information from ISMTA Members of the Year 1997 Conference handout.)

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